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Case studies

Your back catalogue to previously published case study-based articles from CN Magazines.

Click on the case study below to dowload the PDF.


The successful transition of a paediatric patient reliant on nasogastric tube feeding to oral feeding

Caroline Smith (2011).

Complete Nutrition; 11(3): 33-35



Nutritional Care of Patients with Dementia in the Acute Setting

Susan Merrick & Dr Daryl Leung (2012).

Complete Nutrition; 12(2): 12-14



Refeeding Syndrome and the Cancer Patient

Jennifer McCracken (2012).

Complete Nutrition; 12(2): 44-46



Managing a Neuro-Rehab Patient using a High Protein Supplement

Kirsty-Anna McLaughlin (2012).

Complete Nutrition; 12(3): 25




Mental Health versus Physical Health: Managing a patient with schizophrenia within secure mental health services

Nicola Wolfe and Andrew Simmons (2013/14) (2012).

Complete Nutrition; 14(1): 44-45